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Remote Control  Flying Shark
Remote Control  Flying Shark
Remote Control  Flying Shark
Remote Control  Flying Shark

Remote Control Flying Shark

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  • - Brand :
  • - Type : Remote Controlled Toys
  • - Color : Orange
Name: Remote Control Flying Shark Toys
Product specifications: 28 * 6 * 37CM
Material: Plastic
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By Alicia Lavoie
Jun 9, 2017
LOVE this item
LOVE this item. So much fun.
It will not last forever but for now we are having a lot of fun with it.
It does take awhile to put them together and make sure you have the space for them. This would not work well in a small home.

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By Mindy Ober
May 10, 2017
Go ahead, get them.
Just got these as Christmas presents for the kids, almost didn't after reading the reviews. As it turns out, these are a ton of fun! Here's some advice.
1. You'll need helium. I got a Michael's %50 off coupon and bought a party tank, under $20 with coupon. Perfect.
2. Prepare yourself for some assembly, best with 2 people. The pieces seem overwhelming, but they all fit, and the steps are straight forward. SEARCH YOUTUBE FOR AN INSTRUCTION VIDEO. Find the one with the guy wearing the scuba gear :)
3. You might have to mess around some with the amount of putty to use for perfect buoyancy. It's all good.
These swimmers are so realistic and kind of genius. My teenage kids love them.

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By Book Lover
May 3, 2017
I'm happy it worked out that way
I bought this for my son's 21 year old girlfriend (who loves sharks) for Christmas. Then, she was admitted to the hospital for a week for surgery. I decided to give it to her early so she could play with it while she was in bed. I'm happy it worked out that way. I took it and had it inflated. I spent about 1/2 hour putting it together and I highly recommend watching the instructional video instead of following the written directions. Before we got to the room, we took the string off (so that it wouldn't get away) and started maneuvering it through the hospital hallways. I cannot tell you how much attention we got. Doctors and nurses and patients and visitors were cramming the hallways to get a look at it. My husband piloted it into her room and I wish I recorded her reaction when she first saw it. It made her day. She was so excited. We played with it for an hour. She took it "for a walk" and got her daily exercise. I should get a kickback on every purchase that is made from me telling people where to buy it and from posting it on FaceBook. It was not a "piece of cake" to put together, but it did everything that it was supposed to do. It is a helium balloon and you DO have to be careful to not puncture it and adjust the weight and get it refilled when needed. All-in-all, just one evening of fun was worth every penny I spent! A very unique and fun gift!
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